S8P5: Episode IX

Episode IX: Overheard on the Beach

Very early the next day I sat at my laptop with my cellphone at hand, waiting for a call from the sheriff’s office.

It did not happen as quickly as I thought it would and since it was your mother’s day off, we decided to go over to City Beach and do some fishing.

We fished most of the morning and caught some very nice fish.

Your mother grilled the fish there at the beach…

…and we had a very nice lunch.

Afterwards your mother went out in the water. That was when I first noticed this elderly woman who was on the beach.

While your mother was out in the water I laid down on the beach.

As I was laying there I overheard the elderly woman having a heated conversation with an older gentleman. It sounded as if the man was making a threat to expose something that the woman wanted to keep secret.

I could not help myself so I walked by them and asked if I could be of assistance. That was when I recognized the woman as Wendy Johnson, mother of Peter Dobbs-Dawson. I thought that I had seen the man before, but I could not quite place him. In rather polite and indirect terms, it was suggested that I should mind my own business.

After the pair left the beach, I told your mother that I gotten my first case.


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