S8P5: Episode X

Episode X: Shoot first…

“Dad? Is this story going anywhere? Are you getting close to the part where you and Uncle Nicky become frenemies,” asked Brie sounding a little impatient.

“Yes, sweetheart, I am getting there, but you need understand how it all came about.” Mihai explained patiently.

So, anyway where was I? Oh yes, Wendy Johnson, Mr. Peter Dobbs-Dawson’s mother… I suspected that a man was black-mailing her. So, I went out to the other side of the bayou for a different kind of fishing expedition.

I went out to her farm to see Ms. Johnson and to offer my services to her. You see, I lied to your mother when I told her that I gotten my first case. No one had actually hired me on case yet.

Wendy Johnson was not at home when I got there. So, I thought that I would do some actual fishing in a pond on her farm while I waited for her to show up.

After waiting around for little while I thought it was wrong for me to be poaching from her pond. So, instead I decided to wander about the place and see if I could find something else to fish around in.

I did my fishing around in a trash can near the barn.

In there I found something that appeared to be exactly what I was looking for. It was torn-up letter to Wendy Johnson from Mark Clemens – a name that I recognized. Because the letter was in pieces, I only got the gist of the letter. It looked like Mr. Clemens was working on a book about Wendy Johnson and threatening to reveal something regarding Wendy’s daughter, Liza Johnson.

I found out where the writer, Mark Clemens, lived and I paid him a visit. At first I asked him a few soft-ball questions: When I arrived, I was introduced to his wife, Peggy Sue. When the Mr. Clemens and I sat down alone in the kitchen to talk, I asked if his wife’s maiden name was Lynne. He answered yes, but then asked me how I knew that. I asked him if he had a son named Charles. He answered no. I then asked him he was ever married to a woman named Julia Kidd. He answered no and then he asked me a question: “Just who the hell are you and why are you asking me these stupid questions?”

And then I decided to get to the point and I asked him why he was blackmailing Wendy Johnson. He just sat quietly shaking his head for a few moments and then he told me to get the hell out of his house.


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