S8P5: Episode XI

Episode XI: Ask Questions Later

The very next day, Wendy Johnson called me and asked me to meet her in front of the art museum. I was certain that she was going to hire me for my very first private investigation case.

I went to the art museum as quick as I could.

Ms. Johnson and I meet on the sidewalk in front of the museum.

She seemed like a nice old lady. That is until she started calling me an idiot (in a really nice way). She basically told me three things…

She then revealed to me that her daughter Liza, Peter Dobbs-Dawson half-sister, was not the daughter of Bert Johnson; she was the daughter of Mark Clemens.

She told me that ‘If you’re so ‘damn’ eager to investigate anyone, that you should be investigating James Dobbs and his two daughters Marlena Wheaton (daughter of Julia Kidd) and Vanessa Lincoln (daughter of Victoria Lincoln).’

She then said that what was between her and Mark Clemens was nobody else’s business but theirs and that if I did not back-off that she would inform her son (my benefactor) about what I was doing.

To each of these three things that she told me, I replied: ‘Yes mam, Yes mam, and I can assure you that this will not happen again.’

I then ran all the way home with my tail between my legs.


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