S8P5: Episode XIV

Episode XIV: The Wedding

Following the death of his mother, Nicholas decided to quit working at the studio where he had been his mother’s personal assistant. Rather he devoted himself full time to his art.

Nicholas and Betsy had been secretly engaged to be marry for some time and now they decided it was time for the wedding.

They chose the rooftop of the Old Creole Townhouse as a special, unique spot to hold the ceremony.

As the guests began to arrive, I realized that I knew very few people who lived in the “new” Twin Bayous.

The ceremony was a bit hurried as the skies gave indication that it might start raining soon.

When it came time to cut the cake, the clouds had started to clear.

During dinner I looked across the room and noticed a man sitting apart from everyone else. I was later told that this man was Peter’s father, James Dobbs and…

…that because of his tendency to behave inappropriately the other guests, including his own relations, wanted nothing to do with him.


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