S8P5: Episode XVI

Episode XVI: The Mystery Key

Rather than going home, I returned to the neighborhood where James Dobbs lived and I paid a visit to 86 Cedar Street.

I found that the house was unoccupied and outside there was a “For Rent” sign. The mailbox was empty.

I tried the key that I had found in Mr. Dobbs’ mailbox at all exterior doors and it did not fit any of the locks.

Still not ready to give up for the night, I decided to try out the key at a number of other places in town.

I first went to the city library to see if the mystery key fit the locked gate leading to the library’s basement. It did not.

Next I went to the secure area behind the science lab to see if the key fit there. It did not.

When I finally made it home it was well after midnight. I found that your mother was still up and she calmly announced that the baby was coming. I was no near as calm as she and I immediately went into full panic mode.

Your mother insisted that I calm down and that we just stroll across the street to hospital next door.

The delivery went very smoothly and it was on that morning that you were born in the year 2015 AS. As your mother walked out of the hospital with you in her arms, she gleefully announced that your name was to be Brie.

Later that morning as I held you in arms, I was very proud and happy.

Although there was one thing that was troubling me… while I was at the hospital earlier I learned that James Dobbs had died that night and according to the sheriff’s department, evidence found at the scene seemed to indicate that he had been murdered.


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