S8P5: Episode XVII

Episode XVII: Out of the Woodwork

A few nights later, I was contacted by Rahsaan Wheaton, the son of Marleena Wheaton and grandson of James Dobbs and Julia Kidd. Rahsaan told me that his grandfather had left half his fortune to his mother, Marleena Wheaton, but that his grandfather had promised something to him. Before he died Rashsaan was instructed to move into to one of the rental properties that his grandfather owned that he would receive his gift at the house. Rashaan told me that he had not received anything and asked me to investigate. Rahsaan informs me that he lives at 86 Cedar Street, the rental property that his grandfather had left him.

Later in that same week, I was contacted by Benjamin Morgan, husband of Liza Johnson and brother-in-law of Peter Dobbs-Dawson. Benjamin asked that I meet outside one of the warehouses near the water-front.

Benjamin came right out and told me that he knew all about the key that I had found. He then told me that James Dobbs had stashed all of his property in one these warehouses.

However some of that property belonged to Wendy Dawson and Benjamin believed that his wife was entitled to this property because it was worth much more than what James Dobbs paid Wendy to leave town many years ago.

He told me that he would not say anything to anyone about my taking the key if I would break into the warehouse and recover Wendy Dawson’s memorabilia.

As an aside, he informed me that the warehouse was booby-trapped.

{Story 8 is now on indefinite hold and so this marks the last episode in this series.  Note that it does not say final episode. At some time in the future I hope to resume the series and either continue or conclude it. For a more detailed explanation see this post.}


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