S9P1: Episode IV – Getting Started

I had played TS4 a few times since I first acquired the game in late August, but because I was put off by how much different it was from TS3 I didn’t really spend too much time playing. It was not until I was kind of forced into playing TS4 (or rather could not play TS3), that I began to take an actual interest in the game.

I wanted to start all over again and do some “cheating” to get the game setup the way that I wanted things to be. To do this I clicked the “+” button on the “main menu” screen to start a new game. This essentially sets the worlds “Oasis Springs” to “Willow Creek” to their initial, un-modified states with the original lots and households.

I did not want to play with any of the EA households so the next the thing that I did was go to both worlds and evict all of those households (Pancake, Goths, Caliente, etc.) I had created my own households and I wanted those to be the only ones in town.

Shortly after I started playing I saw a member of one of those evicted households doing a “walk-by” in the neighborhood. It was Eliza Pancake and I was wondering why, if I evicted her, was she still in the world.

As it turns out when you evict households, they are not fully removed from the current world. They wind-up in the “Unplayed Households” section of “Manage Households”. This is from where the game pulls in sims to make walk-by and public places appearances.

So, if you do not want these “townies” appearing anywhere in your world or you want different townie households, you can manage that. You can delete these Unplayed Households in Manage Households. If you want to add different households here, just place the household temporarily on a lot in the world, then evict them and they will wind-up in the Unplayed Households.

Next I went to place the households that I created. There are seven households and each household has a mother, a father, and four children. I tried make each of the adults have a different set of traits and aspirations so that each one was hopefully a unique personality. I used the Play with Genetics feature in CAS to create each of the children. This adds some degree of randomness to the population mix.

I then placed the seven families each in one of the neighborhoods in the two worlds. I used the “freerealestate” command so I could place the households on which ever lot I wanted to and then used the “Money #####” cheat to give each household different fund amounts. Lastly I gave the adults jobs.

Family Budget Career 1 Career 2
Hoff 50,000 Secret agent Secret agent
Poindexter 45,000 Tech Guru Writer
Clemens 40,000 Writer Culinary
Viernes 35,000 Secret agent Criminal
Stoney 30,000 Astronaut Entertainer
Le Zard 25,000 Tech Guru Painter
Dubois 20,000 Entertainer Business

One thing I wanted to do, but did not because it would be just too time consuming, would have been to give the adults some skills. One of things that really seems to slow down the game is that sims fresh out of CAS have no skills whatsoever. As a result it becomes kind of tedious as every adult needs to learn basic stuff like cooking and gardening. There are cheat codes that allow you set skill levels for your sims (see this article at Sims VIP). However, I decided to leave my Sims the way that CAS made them and as part of this series I plan to document the trials-and-tribulations of my Sims pursuing skills.

Here are the seven families that I created…

Hoff – Ingrid, Huyu, Jasmin, Branson, Alice and Warren

Poindexter – Penny, Arnold, Cheyenne, Watson, Amira, and Jordan

Clemens – Julia, Mark, Giovanni, Lacie, Beckham, and Joselyn

Viernes – Victoria, Joe, Larissa, Edwin, Suzanne, and Sean

Stoney – Knut, Peggy Sue, Wyatt, Aston, Leroy, and Sade

Le Zard – Larry, Trixie, Houston, Yang, Shea, and Antoine

Dubois – Michael, Celia, Mariam, Mike, Braylon, and Alan

Since I can only play one family at a time, I decided that I would focus on the Dubois family and for the Sim would get the most focus (the protagonist, if you will) I chose that one to be Mike Dubois.

In the game options, I have full autonomy turned on and everyone is set to auto age.

I do not plan on micro-managing the inactive households (ala TS2), but this is not say that I plan on ignoring the other households either. I definitely plan to check in on each family on a regular basis.

Of course, we cannot forget about Katherine and Mihai who are our mysterious visitors from Universe-3 (TS3). Just like us, they haven’t a clue as to what the Universe-4 (TS4) is all about. So, we will all be learning as we go along.

Katherine and Mihai currently reside with the Clemens household in Willow Creek.


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