S9P1: Episode V – The Houses that Mike Built – Pt. 1

One of the coolest features of TS4 that sets it apart from previous versions is in my opinion the Build Mode. Building houses and venues (lots) in TS4 is fun and easy. So I have built three houses. I would probably have built more houses, but TS4 sorely lacks in the number of empty lots to build houses on.

I found the build mode very easy to use and there are many features in TS4 build mode that make it superior to TS3. The ability to quickly and easily save lots from build mode is the best!

The first house I built I called it “Traditional Contemporary”. I started from scratch and I was not sure what I was going for. This one is not 100% complete. It is three-story and I left a number of the rooms unfinished and unfurnished as the idea was that I would keep the price down and let the residents tell me what they wanted added. The Hoff family lives in this house.

For the second house I built, I did have an idea of what I wanted to do. I built a fake apartment building that I call “The Faux Apartments” complete with a fake lounge and a fake restaurant on the first floor. The Clemens family lives in this house.

The foyer…

The restaurant…

The lounge…

First floor hallway…

There is a fake office on the second floor…

Third floor hallway…


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