S9P1: Episode VI -The Houses that Mike Built – Pt. 2

For the third house that I built I thought that it would be cool if I attempted to construct a house that somewhat resembled the house that I am living in now. The Dubois family lives in this house.

I only went for the first floor plan to be as close as possible to my current dwelling. Although I left out things like closets and the garage.

In the front of the house there is a little courtyard leading to the front door.

This is fairly close to what my living room looks like (Something weird is going on with the rug under the coffee table. I have to check that out the next time I am in game)

I do have a piano by the stairs, but it is a upright and not a grand.

My dining room does kinda/sorta look like this. However, the windows are completely different.

This is very close to how my kitchen looks.

The den is spot-on.

My office is not this sparse… think early 21st century clutter.

The patio/backyard… it’s close.

I do however wish that my grass looked like this. This yard has definitely not been ravaged by my daughter’s dog.

The lot is big enough that they could put in a pool beyond the patio.


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