S9P1: Episode VIII -Meet the Dubois Family – Pt 2

Mike Dubois is Celia’s husband and he too is a young adult who will age up in 12 days.

Mike’s traits are Bookworm, Creative, Neat, and Gregarious. Because both Mike and Celia have the neat trait they are constantly feeling pressured because the house is a mess.

Mike’s aspiration is to be a joke star, but for right he seems to be a long way away from reaching that goal.

His current job is “Open Mic Seeker”. He is supposed to write jokes and practice music every day, but at this point he has not started on his music.

Mike definitely needs to work on his skills if he is going to get ahead.

He idolizes the great comedian Jack Benny who used a violin as a prop for his routines. So, Mike decides to invest in some books on Comedy and on Violin.

Overall he spends about a thousand simoleans and hopes that the money is spent wisely. It looks like it is going to be a while before they can afford to put in a pool.


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