S9P1: Episode X -Trying to make it in the Biz – Pt. 1

Mike has a strange schedule. He works nights from 5PM to 11PM and is off on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Mike feels that he is not doing enough to get ahead in his career, so on Wednesday he starts out the day by reading up on Comedy and Violin.

Then he spends a few hours practicing the Violin. It does not take him long before he reaches level 3 with instrument.

Right down the street from his house is place called the Crazy Burro Saloon. Around 6:30 PM, Mike decides to visit the saloon and perhaps do a comedy routine for the patrons.

Before going on stage, Mike has a few drinks at the bar and chats it up with the patrons.

Around 9 PM he steps up to mic and starts his set.

The small crowd in the saloon is not very receptive and he gets hardly a single laugh. He does about an hour of stand-up.

Afterwards he has a few more drinks at the bar.

And then he walks home, a slight sense of accomplishment. Since he is off on Thursday, he will return the next night.


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