S9P1: Episode XII -Going Camping

The Outdoor Retreat Game Pack came out January 13, 2015 and it added a new world called “Granite Falls” to the game. I decided that my sims needed a vacation so I sent them camping in Granite Falls.

Since the Dubois family is on tight budget I sent them to the campsite instead of one the cabins. The campsite is the cheapest at $111/day. I guess I screwed up when I was selecting who should go on the vacation because initially only the dad, Michael, made it to the destination.

This gave him time to get things set up as he needed to purchase some camping gear.

He purchased a Cabin-in-Bag tent, a cooler, and a lantern.

After the campsite was all set-up, Michael got on his phone and invited the rest of the family to attend.

Almost as soon as he arrived Mike the loner took off to be by himself.

It did not take him long to find a nice place to fish.

When Celia went over to the center of the campgrounds to find the restroom she met some goofball who was dressed as bear and was attempting to scare the tourists.

There were a couple of puzzling things going on with this vacation to Granite Falls. For some strange reason everyone seemed to like to hangout by the restrooms.

Even at night I would find them hanging out by the restroom.

The other odd thing had to do with the “Cabin-in-a-Bag” tent. When I bought the tent I was not paying attention to how many sims the tent would sleep. I later found out that it only slept four.

As a result the six family members of the Dubois household kept playing musical beds all night long. Someone would go into the tent and then be in there sleeping for only a few minutes until they would pop-out still sleepy and someone else would take their place in the tent.

I think the only family member who had a good time was Mike.


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