S9P1: Episode XIII -Gen 2 Ages-Up – Pt 1

All of the children in all of the families who populate my game were created in CAS using “Play with Genetics” and as a result they are all the same age. As a consequence they should all age-up on the same day.

On the day that the four Dubois children were age-up to teen, I had Celia Dubois go on her phone and create a Birthday Party Social Event.

She selected birthday party and then on the next screen, she set the details of the social event. She invited a caterer and the caterer took care of supplying a birthday cake and preparing food for the birthday party.

Mike was the first to blow out the candles on the cake.

After which he aged up to teen.

Mike took on the aspiration of Painter Extraordinaire.

Birthday cakes in TS4 have this interesting feature that allow you keep adding candles to the cake (for a fee) and essentially re-use the cake for multiple people. Next Mariam blew out the candles….

…and she aged-up to teen.

Next up was Braylon…

…and he aged-up.

Finally, Alan blew out the candles…

…and now everyone could enjoy the cake.

After having a piece of cake, Mike decided that he would go out and about to see how the rest of generation#2 was doing…


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