S9P1: Episode XIV -Gen 2 Ages-Up – Pt. 2

Mike goes out in the world to see how the other gen-2 kids are doing. His first stop is the Le Zard family in Oasis Springs.

It appears that Mike is a little early as none of the Le Zard children have aged-up yet.

So, Mike proceeds over to the Stoney family, also in Oasis Springs.

At the Stoney household, Mike only sees Sade Stoney and she has not aged-up either. Mike stays for a little while and plays chess with Sade.

Next Mike heads over to Willow Creek and his first stop in the Poindexter house.

Here Mike learns that Cheyenne and her siblings have all aged-up.

Mike invites Cheyenne to accompany him to the Hoff household.

Mike meets Alice Hoff and the two of them seem to hit it off.

Alice invites Mike and Cheyenne to stay for lunch and Mike meets Alice’s sister, Jasmin.

Mike, Alice and Cheyenne then go off together to pay a visit to the Viernes’ household.

Mike meets the Viernes’ sisters, Larissa & Suzanne.

Finally, Mike, Alice and Cheyenne visit the Clemens household.

Mike does not know for certain if all of the Clemens’ children have aged-up because the only person he meets there is Katherine Gilliland.

It is getting late, so Mike heads back home.


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