S9P1: Episode XV -Making Ends Meet

The Dubois family has a severe cash flow problem. The household expenses are approximately $5K simoleons a week and that is roughly the same amount that Michael and Celia are bringing in each week. At the end of each week, they only have a couple of hundred simoleons left over.

On the bright-side, Celia is doing very well in her business career.

In fact she was just this past week promoted to assistant to the manager.

The kids seem to speed most of their free time watching teevee and eating junk food. Their parents strongly suggest that they go out and find part-time jobs to help out with the household budget.

Mike tells his brother Braylon that he has idea on how he make some money.

Mike’s aspiration is to be “Painter Extraordinaire”.

So, he plans to do a series of landscape paintings that feature the desert landscape of Oasis Springs and sell those paintings to a collector.

Mike is sort-of satisfied with his first effort.

Just in case the painting gig does not work out, Mike goes ahead and takes a job as a landscaper working on week-ends.

Mariam puts an ad in the paper offering a baby-sitting service.

Braylon gets a job as a fry cook at Sim Burger.

And takes a job at a local retail shop as a clerk.


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