S9P1: Episode XVI -One Afternoon…

One afternoon as Michael was returning home he noticed Alice Hoff outside the house.

Going inside, Michael informed his son, Mike, that Mike’s “little friend” was waiting for him outside. Mike did not know what his father was talking about but he was curious so he ran out to find Alice standing in front of the house.

Alice said that she was out exploring the different neighborhoods and was surprised to learn that Mike lived in this house.

Mike invited Alice inside and they sat for a few minutes talking in the den.

Mike then suggested that he fix them both something to eat.

Mike’s cooking skills however were not exactly the best and he somehow managed to set the stove on fire.

Alice said that she was frightened by the fire and Mike consoled her.

They decided to go out on the patio and let the kitchen air out. Mike wasted no time and once on the patio he boldly turned and kissed Alice.

Alice asked Mike if she could go upstairs and see where he did his paintings.

Mike led Alice to his bedroom.

It wasn’t too long before they were messing around in Mike’s bed.


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