S9P1: Episode XVII – Was it Worth it?

Michael heard somewhere that there was buried treasure laying around different parts of Oasis Springs and Willow Creek.

Given his financial situation, he hoped that if he might go out and spend some time digging around for buried treasure, it might just pay off for him and his family. So one day in the middle of the day, he made a trip out to Desert Bloom Park to look around for treasure.

Michael searched all over Desert Bloom Park.

And he found a number of places where there was buried treasure.

Nearby one dig site he discovered the entrance to an abandoned mine.

Yet he found that he did have the appropriate skill level to gain entrance to the mine shaft. He would have to come back here at another time.

Michael also made a trip to Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creek and searched for treasure there.

When he got home later that day, he felt that he did not have much to show for all his effort. He had found three time capsules.

The time capsules contained strange looking dolls. Along with the dolls he also found two Easter Eggs.

Then that evening he received a shocking phone call. It was his boss calling to inform him that he was fired for not showing up for a very important gig at work.

Michael was devastated. He crawled into bed; wanting to hide from the rest of the world.

When he woke up later that night he felt determined that he was going to make it through these tough times. He decided that instead of looking for a new job that he would try his hand at writing. So he started out by quickly composing two children’s books in only a few days. As his writing skill improved he was able to self-publish his books at the mailbox.


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