S9P1: Episode XIX – Celia’s Collectibles

I wanted one my Sim households to get into a retail business and I wanted that Sim to be Celia Dubois because she was already in a business and was doing well at it. Yet there was one little problem and that was that the Dubois household had insufficient funds to invest in a retail business.

In the real world someone such as Celia would be able to go to the bank and get a loan in order to open a business. So, I “cheated” and “loaned” the Dubois household 100K simoleons.

Celia went to Magnolia Promenade and opened shop at place she named “Celia’s Collectibles”.

The first thing that she needed to do was to set price tags for all the items that she wanted to sell.

He son Mike showed up to see how things were going and so far no customers had shown up.

It seems that Celia had failed to “open the store”. So, Mike went to the register and opened the store.

Then customers began to arrive and some were admiring the paintings that Mike had brought to sell.

On their first day they did make a number sells and the store stayed open late. At the end of the day, Mike was about to drop from exhaustion.


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