S9P1: Episode XX – Meanwhile in Willow Creek

Mihail and Katherine were both still very much in love.

Although they had only been in Universe-4 for what seem like short while, they both felt as if they had assimilated to this new world.

They talked it over and they decided that now was the time for the two of them to get married.

And so they began making plans for a wedding event.

For the most part the pair spent their days jogging around the neighborhood.

Katherine was hoping that she could lose a few pounds.

And, of course, part of their time was spent fishing by the canal behind the apartment building.

One evening Katherine suggested to Mihai that they go out and look for work.

Katherine said that she would try and find work at the local hospital.

Mihai said that he thought that her’s was a wonderful idea and he too would try and find work somewhere.


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