S9P1: Episode XXV – The Mystery of Jasmin Hoff

Shortly after installing the Get To Work (GTW) Expansion, I started to notice strange little things and it seems to have all started with Jasmin Hoff.

Jasmin, the sister of Alice Hoff, came to live with Mike and Alice after their son Mikhail was born. I did not notice a problem with Jasmin until after she married Mike’s brother Alan and then the couple moved out to their own home.

Upon moving out Alan joined the science profession while Jasmin began having children. At some point Jasmin joined the detective profession.

I do not believe that I had her join the detective profession while they were the active household. I did not notice her profession until after Mihai had joined the detective profession and when I checked in on her I learned that she was a level 8 detective whereas Mihai was only at level 2 even though he must had joined the profession before Jasmin.

Around this same time I also learned that Leroy Stoney was a level 10 doctor while Katherine had only reached level 2 of the medical profession.


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