S9P1: Episode XXVI – DIY Story Progression

The issue with Jasmin Hoff got me to thinking about story progression. Somehow I had gotten the idea that there was story progression in TS4. Yet it seems I had missed the July 2014 memo that had said that there wasn’t SP in TS4 (see Story progression only works when it comes to aging and immigration).

Yet something was happening in terms of careers. Inactive Sims were advancing in their careers. They were also aging, becoming Elders and eventually dying of old age. What they were not doing was that they were not developing relationships, having romances, getting married, or having children.

Because of this only the active household was actually progressing. Once I figured this out, I realized that I was going to need take matters in my own hands and after reading this article I started in on making changes throughout the neighborhoods.

The goal was to get started with the 3rd generation and to do this I needed to cheat. This required editing households in CAS full edit mode. From the options menu I went to Manage Worlds and invoked the console (Ctl+Shift+C). In the console I typed “testingcheats true” and then entered a command to turn on full edit mode in Create-a-Sim (CAS): “cas.fulleditmode“. Once this was set up I selected “Household Management” from the toolbar in the upper right of the screen.

These are some the families I created using this method…
Braylon Dubois + Shea Le Zard – two children: Brandy & Jude

Mariam Dubois + Dr. Leroy Stoney – two children: Brandie & Ryder. Houston Le Zard + Sade Stoney – two children: Pamela & Lila.

Giovanni Clemens + Larissa Viernes – two children: Tricia & Glenn

Cheyanne Poindexter + Antoine Le Zard – two children: Sierra and Sri

Yang Le Zard + Watson Poindexter – one child: Kristopher Poindexter. Aston Stoney + Jordan Poindexter – one child: Leslie Poindexter

Lacy Clemens + Wyatt Stoney – two children: Britta & Julianna

Joselyn Clemens + Edwin Viernes – one child: Victoria Clemens. Suzanne Viernes + Beckham Clemens – one child: Kameron Clemens

A week or so after going through this exercise I discovered that someone has created a mod that will randomly create unions and pregnancy within the game. The mod is MC Command Center by Deaderpool and is available here at MTS.

The McCmdCenter_pregnancy module contains functionality specifically oriented to enabling other Sim households within the neighborhoods to have children and get married.The random pregnancy/marriage checks run at midnight. They run on different days depending on the game speed. The faster the game, the more often they run to allow more pregnancy/marriage chances before the Sims get too old to have children or get married. If a game is on No Aging, the check runs once a week and Sims will have a totally random chance to have the children and get married instead of it being based on the amount of time they have until age-up.


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