S9P1: Episode XXVII – Life Goes On

When Mihai joined the police force and sought to pursue the detective career, he worked hard to be successful and advance up the ladder.

Yet despite all of his efforts things were not going well at work. At the end of each day Mihai would go home to his family and complain to Katherine and Morgan about how much he hated his job.

He went so far as to tell them also how much hated universe-4 and that wished that they had not come here.

Naturally Mihai’s son, Morgan, could not fully understand his father’s frustration, as he knew nothing about his parents’ past or where they had come from. His mother Katherine did her best to reassure her son that things were going to be okay.

And for a while things did get better. This was after Mihai quit his job and retired. This gave Mihai and Morgan more time to spend together doing things like fishing.

Morgan was enjoying his life and had not noticed that his father was getting on in years.

Mihai was starting to slow down and he was frequently getting sick.

One morning Mihai fell on the floor as he was getting out of bed. He called out for help, but Morgan was at school and Katherine was at the hospital.

A few minutes later Mihai had an unexpected visitor…

The visitor had come to take Mihai to another place.

When Katherine and Morgan arrived home in the afternoon they came upon a tragic scene.

It was not too long after death of Mihai that Morgan celebrated his birthday.

And Morgan LeFey became a teenager…


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