S9P1: Episode XXVIII – The Demise of Katherine

Following the death of Mihai, Katherine felt as if her heart had been ripped from her bosom.

All she could think of these days was how much she and Mihai had been through in their lifetimes and how much she missed him.

One night while in the bar down the street from her house Katherine came face to face with Death. He told her that her time was coming soon. Katherine had some rather strong words for Death; telling him to get out…

Later when Alice Dubois came in and sat next to her, Katherine made a rather unusual request of Alice: “If anything should happen to me, promise me that you will look after Morgan.”

When Katherine was walking home that night she felt very, very tired.

As she was getting into bed she collapsed on the floor.

When Morgan found that Death was with his mother, he begged the dark spirit that she be spared, but his pleading must have fallen on deaf ears because his mother passed on to the other side.

And so it was that young Morgan LeFey came to live with the Dubois family across the way.


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