S9P1: Episode XXXI – An Old Saying

There is an old saying (a rule, if you will) that says just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should. This was my reaction when I saw my first “Let’s Play…” video on YouTube.

I have always thought “Let’s Play…” videos would be more interesting (re less boring) if the narrator would just shut-up and play. I once watched a “Let’s Play…” video in which the narrator spent a full thirty minutes describing to her audience what she was “planning to do” instead of just actually doing it.

And just because I can do something, does not mean that I should. If this is a rule, then I am about to break it.

I have discovered that my account with WordPress gives me access to something called VideoPress and as an experiment I am going to take a break from my post being a series of captioned images (a comic book) to instead being a motion picture that is made from a series of computer graphics of inanimate objects (as puppets) and that simulates movement by slight progressive changes in each frame (a cartoon).

Submitted for your approval… attempt number one.

2 thoughts on “S9P1: Episode XXXI – An Old Saying

  1. I don’t like to watch the Let’s Play when the narrator talks about what they are going to do either. I do like some narration like Captain Sauce or Gaming Lemon. They comment more on what their Sims are doing. I did like your video. It’s funny to let the Sims do what they want.


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