S0P1: Episode I

This is a reboot of Story 8 that I am calling Story 0 (zero). Our story takes place in the sleepy southern town of Twin Bayous, Louisimana in the summer of 1965 AS (Anno Simulacra).

Mike Dutranoit, son of Dave & Patty Dutranoit, born 1955 AS, was a perceptive, supernatural fan and a night owl.

The family lived in a small, but comfortable house on the eastern edge of town.

Mike and his siblings attended school along with all the other kids in town at the Branch Memorial School near the center of town.

One day, the Viernes brothers, Aric & Juan, invited Mike over to play after school. The Viernes family was one of the richest in town and they lived in a big white mansion in the Mansion District. The boy’s father, Jose Viernes, was the parish Sheriff and a very powerful man in Twin Bayous.

Almost as soon as Mike walked into the Viernes mansion he got lost. He could hear the Viernes brothers laughing and playing in some part of the house, but he could not figure out where they were.

After wandering around for a while he found himself in a small office on the second floor. In a bookshelf in the office he discovered an entire collection of books about the supernatural – there were books about witches, books about vampires, and even a book entitled “A Hitchhikers Guide to Moonlight Falls.

Mike grabbed one of the books about witches and read from it. He suddenly found that he was extremely fascinated by all things supernatural.

After he had been reading for a while, Mike finally figured out by the sounds that the Viernes brothers were downstairs in the dining room. So he went down and when he found Aric, Mike asked the boy about the collection of supernatural books in the upstairs library. Yet Aric had no idea what Mike was talking about.

Juan’s sister Trina had overheard the boys talking and with a very serious look on her face she came up to Mike and she told him that he should mind his own business and that it would be best if he left and went home.


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