S0P1: Episode II

It was a little late when Mike left the Viernes’ mansion. The sun had already set. Mike rode his bicycle home in the evening twilight.

When Mike arrived home he found that the family had just sat down to supper and that there was a guest seated at the table. The guest was little girl named Tabitha LeFey and she was a friend of Mike’s sister, Amy.

After supper Mike and the girl sat in the living room and watched some television. They talked a little about school, but other than that Tabitha did not say much.

It was very late when Tabitha started to leave to go home and Mike asked her if she would like to stay over rather than going home in the middle of the night.

Tabitha thank Mike for his offer, but told him no. She didn’t want him to know about her situation at home. Tabitha’s family was very poor and lived in a trailer park on Tobacco Road. There were not enough beds to go around. So she and her siblings had to take turns sleeping in the beds. Tabitha lingered outside the front door for a few minutes after Mike went inside and then she snuck around to back of the house…

…and went to sleep on a lounge on the patio.


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