S0P1: Episode IV

As the moon was setting and the sun was rising the next morning Mike found that he was grounded and could not go anywhere.

He was not even allowed to leave the house.

Each time that he snuck out of the house his mother was right there behind him and ready to scold her son.

Getting scolded did not seem to stop Mike from trying to sneak out again and again.

Especially when it involved the possibility of acquiring an ice cream cone from the ice cream truck.

Yet eventually Mike grew tired of sneaking around and he settled down in the living room to read a book on logic.

Late in the day Mike’s mother came into the room and informed Mike that she had decided to send him to military school.

Mike was now to attend the military academy located at Fort Beauregard on the other side of the Simwahanee bayou.

That night Mike wrote a very pathetic email to Tabitha LeFey stating that he may never see her again.


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