S0P1: Episode V

The next day when Mike left his house to go off to the military academy the weather was chilly and hail was falling at a steady clip.

Mike rode his bike across the East Avenue Bridge that went over the Simwahanee bayou.

He rode past the farmhouses that dotted the pastures and fields south of town.

Eventually he arrived at Fort Beauregard.

Outside the main building there were a number of kids waiting to get into the academy.

Once inside the academy it now no longer mattered what was going on outside its walls.

While Mike was away at the military academy Tabitha LeFey would visit Mike’s sister and she would ask about Mike and how he was doing.

One day Mike was allowed out on leave to visit his family. He came home wearing his dress uniform.

When Tabitha came over, Mike changed into another uniform and showed off the many badges that he had earned.

That evening Mike and Tabitha had a good time as they played chess and talked about the future.

Bonus Video: Mike riding home from military school in the rain


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