S0P1: Episode VIII

Ever since the night that Mike met Trudy Gilliland, he could not stop thinking of her.

Mike asked her out a couple of times, but she kept turning him down. Mike complained to her brother and Ernest gave Mike some of his special kind of advice.

Ernest told Mike to just keep calling her and Trudy would eventually give in. What Ernest should have told Mike was that Trudy already had a steady boyfriend.

Mike’s interest in the supernatural continued to grow and he spent a lot of time visiting the LeFey family.

All the kids liked him, including Raquel who was a little bit scary.

Samuel LeFey who was a werewolf.

And Tabitha who was a witch.

It was not too long after Mike’s birthday that Raquel aged up and became a teenager.

Tabitha soon followed her sister and aged up.

For Tabitha’s birthday, Mike composed a birthday card to her. Yet instead of simply wishing her a happy birthday, Mike went a little too far and expressed that he was in love with Tabitha.



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