S0P1: Episode IX

Mike was a crazy mixed-up kid. He had sent Tabitha LeFey a love letter in the form of a birthday card…

…and yet he continued to pursue Trudy Gilliland despite the fact that she kept turning him down.

Then came the Christmas season…

…and the Dutranoit kids decided that they would throw a party while mom & dad were gone on vacation. They got a keg and they invited all of their friends from school.

Mike had invited Trudy Gilliland, but he did not expect her to show up. When she did arrive at the party (she came with Raquel LeFey), Mike was very happy to see her.

Mike spent practically the entire evening dancing with Trudy.

At one point Mike got a little ahead of himself. Grabbing ahold of Trudy he kissed her passionately.

Trudy reaction to Mike’s kiss was expectedly negative, but…

…suddenly her demeanor changed and she embraced Mike and returned the passion in her kiss.

The next thing that Mike knew, he and Trudy were locked away in Mike’s parent’s bedroom, making out in their underwear.

It all happened so fast that Mike’s head was spinning, but he wasn’t about to question how it did happen.

Mike asked Trudy to go steady and she accepted by saying that she was breaking up with her boyfriend; complaining that he was too old and too mature for her. This was all so very unexpected, but Mike did not dare question any of it.

Up until now the rest of partiers appeared to be their normal selves.

But then someone lit the fire pit on the patio and things started to get a little strange.

The party-goers were gathering around the fire pit and acting as though they had never seen fire before. A couple of them had passed out in the snow.

Mike was now starting to realize that something very strange was happening to his party.

But it was not long before he passed out on the dining room floor.


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