S0P1: Episode X

Christmas came and went. Then winter began to set in and things got really chilly.

Trudy had aged up to young adult and she was now an instructor at the art school. Mike wanted to ask Trudy to the Winter Prom, but the way that she was acting towards him made that almost impossible. She was acting as if nothing had happened at the party – as if she had not even been at the party.

Mike had told everyone that he was taking Trudy Gilliland to the Winter Prom and when that didn’t happen, Mike had thought of going to the prom stag, but when the limo pulled up to pick up him and his siblings, Mike stayed back.

He didn’t know what he was going to do, but he knew that he couldn’t stay home alone.

So he hopped on his motorcycle and rode over to Varg’s Tavern.

A few minutes after Mike sat down, Raquel LeFey came in and sat down next to him without saying a word.

Raquel presence made Mike suddenly feel anxious so he ran into the restroom to try and calm down.

When he came back out, Raquel asked him dance. He looked around and saw they were only ones in the entire place. Mike danced with Raquel and he actually enjoyed dancing with her.

They left Varg’s Tavern to together and Mike gave Raquel a ride back to her family’s trailer home on his motor bike.

As Mike was leaving Raquel suggested that they get together again soon and Mike said that he would like that very much.

Raquel took the word “soon” literally and right after Mike left her place, Raquel jumped into a cab and went to Mike’s house.

The sun was just coming up and she woke everyone in the house when she rang the bell. She surprised Mike with a gift which he graciously accepted.

The Raquel made a bold suggestion. She told Mike that if he was really interested in the supernatural, they should make a trip to Moonlight Falls together. Raquel explained that her family was originally from Moonlight Falls and that Mike could learn a lot just by visiting the town. Mike liked the idea and they left for Raquel’s hometown that very morning.


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