S0P1: Episode XI

Mike and Raquel took a trip up north to Tennesimia and to the little town of Moonlight Falls. This is where the LeFeys originally called home and where Raquel was born.

They stayed in a small cabin that Raquel rented for the weekend.

Upon arriving at the cabin Raquel suggested that the pair were going to have fun being all alone out in the woods.

Yet Mike’s reaction to Raquel suggestion was not exactly what she was expecting and she was concerned that Mike did not like her as much as she liked Mike.

Raquel decided it was time that she “cut to Hecuba” and bring out her charm…

…Charm that is as in “magickal charm”, and Raquel proceeded to cast her spell on Mike.

As a test of her efforts, Raquel embraced Mike and kissed him passionately.

As she now expected Mike returned the passion as he kissed her back.

He was now fully under Raquel’s spell.

The rest of weekend seemed normal enough. The pair did their homework together…

…They had a jam session outside the cabin…

…Raquel practiced her witchcraft…

…While Mike went out for groceries.

Raquel made doubly certain that she had the young man under her spell…

…and Mike confess his love for Raquel.

As promised Raquel introduced Mike to the supernatural side of town…

…by taking Mike to the Alchemy Shoppe.

As Mike spent some time studying from a book on Alchemy…

…Raquel sat in a rocker by the fire feeling quite content with herself.


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