S0P1: Episode XIII

They go around town performing with their guitars, but they make very little money. There is no food in the house and most of plumbing doesn’t work.

In the early spring of ’74, Mike and Raquel had a regular gig at the Sunrise Sports Bar, but they were not making very much money.

They would eat most of their meals at the bar mainly because they didn’t have a refrigerator at the house.

They both dreamed of making it big in the music business.

But their style of music, a kind of a country/folk style, was losing out to the new sound of Disco music.

When Raquel starting having morning sickness she knew that she was pregnant.

So, she wrote to her parents asking for more money.

They went around town auditioning for other gigs.

They were able to find more work and bring in a little more money.

Even playing for tips in the park.

VIDEO BONUS: Mike and Raquel perform a favorite Country duet.


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