S0P1: Episode XV

Raquel was fairly content in thinking that things were going well between her and Mike. The fact that they lived in a house that been heavily damaged years ago by a hurricane and that they were living by candle-light with leaky plumbing seemed not bother her in the least.

Up until now none of this seemed to bother Mike either, but then Mike had been living under Raquel’s spell all this time. Gradually over time the young woman’s charm have been wearing off and then one day, as though blinding scales had dropped from eyes, Mike became aware of what Raquel had done to him.

Mike became very concerned about the safety and well-being of his son, Mihail.

Without giving it a great deal of thought, Mike decided that it would be best if he were to take his son out the broken down house and go back to living at his parent’s home.

Mike confronted Raquel and accused her of using witchcraft to trick him into falling in love with her.

He told her that if she tried to stop him from taking their son to his parent’s house that he would report their living condition to the sheriff’s office and that someone from the parish would come and take their child away.

At first Raquel was defiant and threatened Mike with more witchcraft,…

…but when Mike pulled out his phone to show that he was not bluffing…

…Raquel tried to persuade Mike into staying by using her feminine charm rather than her magickal charm…

When neither tactic worked Raquel finally broke down and confessed that she had brought Mike under her spell a long time ago. She told of how it started at that Christmas party he and siblings held for all the teens in town. She confessed that it was all illusion. She told him that he had not actually slept with Trudy Gilliland and that she had tricked him because at first she was jealous of the attention that he paid to her sister Tabitha. It was later, she explained, that she fell in love with him.

Mike did not want to hear anymore of Raquel’s words. He was afraid she might cast another charm on him. So, he left with his son in arm…

…and he went to his parent’s house.

In his sister’s room, he found a place where a baby’s crib would fit.

This arrangement would have to do for now and Mike felt more confident about his son’s future now that they were away from Raquel and the rundown living conditions they had been in.

Both his mother and his sister were very eager to help him out in taking care of the baby.

Mike felt bad about taking his son away from the boy’s mother…

…So, he arranged to meet with Raquel after school that they both attended at the theatre.

Mike wanted for him and Raquel to just be friends…

…but Raquel took the break-up in a different way and she was heartbroken over it.

Mike, on the other hand, was relieved to be finally free from Raquel’s spell.

Although his life now had been altered drastically…

…as he took on the role of a single parent.

Not too long after moving back in with his parent’s, Mike’s son Mihai had his first birthday.

Mihai aged up to toddler.

Since Mihai’s grandmother was there to care for him…

…Mike was free to get out enjoy his last summer as a teen.

That summer, the summer of ’75, he spent many an afternoon out at Western Beach.


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