S0P1: Episode XVI

In the summer of ’76, Mike had a birthday and aged up to young adult.

At first he thought he would be going off to a university out of town, but he soon discovered that the price of college was something he and his family could not afford.

Mike decided that he would check into attending the local school in Twin Bayous, St. Tammany College.

Mike only attended college for a couple of semesters and it was here at the school that he met a girl named Lisa Oldham.

Mike took an immediate liking to Lisa,…

…but he decided that he was going to take things slow after what had happened between him and Trudy and between him and Raquel.

Mike and Lisa would meet regularly at a coffee shop and they would work on class work from the college.

However if it had not been for Lisa, Mike would have no other interest in college. He was instead still very much interested in the supernatural. He was very curious to know if his son, Mihai, had inherited from the boy’s mother any of her supernatural traits.

Mike studied hard from the alchemy book that Raquel had bought for him in Moonlight Falls.

Gradually he found that he was actually able to pull off a few magical tricks.

He made a bouquet of flowers appear out of thin air.

After a brief period of time that he practiced his magic he suddenly felt confident enough to create a magic act that he would perform for the public. For his act he created a persona and he called himself “Kazaamo the Magnificent”.

Video Bonus: Mike’s Magic Act (1976)


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