S0P1: Episode XVII

Mike’s dad was turning forty and so he called up everyone in town and invited them to his “Birthday at the Beach”.

Patty got mad at Dave because she thought that it was ridiculous for a forty year old man to be throwing a “teenage” party on the beach.

Mike continued to care for his son, Mihail, but he had quit school.

Mike fooled everyone into believing that he had graduated from college.

One evening, Raquel came by to visit her son and to babysit him while Mike went to his father’s party.

She told Mike that she knew all about his secret of pretending to graduate from college, but she promised not to tell anyone his secret.

Mike thanked Raquel for her discretion and then said that he had to leave immediately to get to his father’s “birthday on the beach”.

A lot of cool people showed up for the party to wish Dave a happy forty.

The party went well on into the early evening…

Everyone enjoyed eating cake in the sand.

After dark Mike set up to perform his magic act, but by this time everyone had gone home.

When Mike left the beach he was too wound up to go home so he paid a visit to the Crazy Zebra Disco in the Warehouse District.

At the disco he met Raquel’s mother, Morgan Cloud. Mihai’s grandmother did not recognize him as he introduced himself as “Kazaamo the Magnificent”

Knowing that Morgan was a witch, Mike, that is Kazaamo, decided to try and impress Morgan by performing a magical trick.

The trick involved pulling a large golden coin from Morgan’s ear.

Morgan was very impressed by Kazaamo’s trick and she asked him if he was a witch too.

Mike then lied to Morgan and told her that he was in fact a witch.


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