S0P1: Episode XVIII

Following the incident at the disco where Mike tried to fool Mihai’s grandmother into thinking that Mike also was also a witch, Mike decided that he needed to cool down and pay more attention to his son.

Yet he realized that he should probably check the weather report before taking his son out for a walk in the stroller.

Later that afternoon as Mike was leaving the theatre he saw Lisa Oldham waiting for a taxi.

Mike invited Lisa to have lunch at the Sunrise Sports Bar next door to the theatre.

Mike needed someone to talk to about his son and he was grateful that Lisa was willing to lend an ear.

After lunch the pair sat at the bar and had a few drinks while they listened to music on the juke box.

Mike ordered a “romantic” drink for Lisa and him before selecting a special song on the juke box.

Mike the asked Lisa to slow dance with him.

Things were going really well until Mike leaned in and tried to give Lisa a “heat of the moment” kiss.

And when Lisa walked away Mike was pretty sure that he had just blown it.

Things were a little awkward when Lisa came back from the restroom.

But then when Lisa suggested to him that they leave the bar and go back to her place, Mike sensed that he might have been reading her all wrong.


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