S0P1: Episode XXI

Lisa Oldham worked for the Twin Bayous’ Sheriff Department and although she was a low ranking deputy, she was making more money than Mike Dutranoit was with his magic act.

Lisa came up with the idea of asking Mike and his son Mihail to move in with her and her parents.

She and her parents lived in a much larger home over on Oak road at the base of Signal Hill.

Mike liked Lisa’s idea very much so he and Mihai moved into Lisa’s house and were now living with Lisa, her mother Carol and her father Victor.

Carol was quiet woman who like to read a lot – she was bookworm.

Mike could not figure out Victor Oldham. He was chef who was struggling to keep his job and he was not a very sociable person.

For the most part Mike did like living at Lisa’s house…

…but there was, however, one little problem that kept Mike awake most every night.

Lisa’s parents had some issues between two of them and they were constantly fighting…

…very loudly and any hour of the day when they were both at home and not sleeping.

Mike discovered that the Oldham’s had a fully stocked bar.

And as a new hobby Mike took up drinking or as he called it Mixology.

Despite all that was going on in the Oldham household, Mike had fallen deeply in love with Lisa.

And one evening they found privacy in an upstairs bathroom, where Mike proposed to Lisa that they get married.


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