S0P1: Episode XXII

It was very chilly in Twin Bayous in the late fall of ’79 when Mike and Lisa left to go on their trip to Lucky Palms, NV.

Mihai stayed with Mrs. Oldham while his father and Lisa went to Lucky Palms. Every night that his father was gone, Carol insisted on reading to Mihai from a book called “The History of Twin Bayous”

Mike and Lisa were not able to make the drive to Lucky Palms in one day. One night they stayed at a motel in Mesquite.

At the motel their room had a television so they stayed in and watch the Romance channel.

After a quick breakfast the next morning…

…they continued on their way to Lucky Palms

Finally they arrived at the fabulous Sand Dunes Resort Hotel & Casino.

This is where they planned to be married.

The wedding arch was located in the pool area at the rear of the resort property.

They stayed in the bridal suite on the third floor. It was the only room with a balcony.

Here is the lobby of the Sand Dunes Hotel.

The casino.

The buffet was open 24 hours a day.

On the second floor there were two lounge areas.

Also a gym and a spa.

On third floor were the guest rooms including the bridal suite.

Video: Mike and Lisa’s Wedding

After the wedding, they went on a gondola ride at the Venetian Resort Hotel.

Video Bonus: Mike and Lisa’s Lucky Palms Vacation


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