S0P1: Episode XXIII

Returning from their trip to Lucky Palms, where the couple had their wedding, Lisa was thrilled to be married to Mike.

Back at the house that Lisa & Mike shared with her parents, Carol and Victor continued to fight constantly.

Mike had come to ignore their behavior and kept himself busy by doing chores around the house.

But something happened that threatened to upset Mike & Lisa’s wedded bliss. Lisa was now accusing Mike of having flirted with her mother, Carol.

Mike was not about to stand let this accusation pass. He confronted Carol and insisted that she admit to having flirted with him.

Mike got into a huge argument with his mother-in-law.

It ended with Carol disliking Mike.

Mike suggested to Lisa that maybe they should move out. Lisa responded that she was already looking for a place they could afford to move to.


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