S0P1: Episode XXIV

Lisa and her mother could no longer get along after Lisa caught Carol flirting with Mike.

And Lisa told her mother that just as soon as she and Mike found a house they would be moving out.

Just as Mike and Lisa were about to give up on finding a house to move to, Mike’s ex-girlfriend, Raquel, came to the rescue. Raquel was doing very well for herself now. She had married a wealthy record producer named Woodrow Short.

Raquel’s primary concern was for her son Mihai and she owned a home at the end of Josephine Lane in Mike’s old neighborhood. She agreed to rent the house to Mike at a price that they could afford.

Mihai liked the new house. It was much quieter here without Carol and Victor constantly fighting.

The grocery store was within walking distance.

The kitchen was a little small, but adequate.

The washer and dryer gave them trouble.

But all in all they were a happy little family.

Mike and Lisa decided that the time was right for them to add to their little family.


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