The History of Twin Bayous – Introduction & Town Tour – Part 1

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Founded in 1832 (Anno Simulacra) by Henri Dutranoit of New Orleans, the town of Twin Bayous served as an important hub for cotton exports out of the south in the ante-bellum days and was occupied early on by Union forces during the Simville War. After the war, thousands of refugees from the war-torn South traveled through the port of Twin Bayous aboard steamboats bound for Galveston, Texas and points west. However, the town suffered economic hardship for a number decades when the railroad by-passed the town. During the Prohibition and Great Depression, the town did see a brief revival as it became a resort town known for its speakeasies and casinos. At one point it was known as the Hollywood of the south when Plumbob Pictures opened a studio there.
Twin Bayous Map

It is unfortunate but during the Simville war the town’s library was destroyed and with it the early records of the town. This history of Twin Bayous begins in the 1890’s, some sixty years after the founding of the town, and follows the lives of the eight families who remained in the town after enduring the war in 1860’s, a cholera epidemic in the 1870’s and a massive hurricane in the 1880’s. All three of these events took a considerable toll on the population of the town.

In this first section we will take a little tour of the town of Twin Bayous…

The town of Town Bayous is informally divided into fourteen districts or neighborhoods.

The Town Center, or as it is sometimes called “the center of town”, is the section of town where most of the businesses and community venues are located. In this section there is to be found the Dutranoit Memorial Library, St. Looie Cathedral. On Main Street is located the Corner Market, the City Gym, a Spa, the Movie House, Lisa’s Books, a Coffee Shop, the Little Corsican Bistro, and the Business Center. Behind the Movie House is the Sunrise Sports Bar. In the very center of town is Central Park. To the east of the park is the Old Creole Townhouse where the Viernes family lives. Just south of the park is City Hall and to the east of City Hall is the Sisters of Sisters Hospital.

The Library

Saint Looie Cathedral

The Corner Market at dusk.

The Spa

The Bookstore

The Bistro and Coffee Shop

The Business Center

The City Gym and Movie House

Central Park

City Hall

Sisters of Sisters Hospital

The Old Creole Townhouse where the Viernes family lives.

Sunrise Sports Bar behind the Movie House


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