The History of Twin Bayous – Introduction & Town Tour – Part 2

Just to the west of Town Center is the Warehouse District. In this area of town we find the Fire House, a Dive Bar, the Criminal Warehouse, and Disco Dance Hall.

The Fire House in the Warehouse District

The Dive Bar and Criminal Warehouse

West of the Warehouse District is the Lighthouse District. Along the coast, near the lighthouse, is a neighborhood of well-kept Victorian homes, one which is where the Poindexter family calls home. On the eastern side of this neighbor we find Varg’s Tavern – a supernatural hang-out, Ye Olde Elixer Shoppe, the Science Lab, the Community Pool and the City Stadium. Down near the Gulf Bridge is Bridgeview Park – a romantic spot popular with couples.

The Lighthouse

The Poindexter Home near the lighthouse.

Varg’s Tavern and Ye Olde Elixir Shoppe

The Science Lab stands opposite Varg’s Tavern both literally and figuratively.

Community Pool

City Stadium

Bridgeview Park is located on the north end of the Gulf Bridge.

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