The History of Twin Bayous – Introduction & Town Tour – Part 5

On the hill above Town Center is a slightly run down part of town known as Tobacco Road and east of there is the Eastern Annex.

The Goombah family lives in a trailer park on Tobacco Road.

Across the street is Crapford and Sons Junk Yard.

Around the corner is the Dew Drop Inn

The Eastern Annex is an area that was largely destroyed by a hurricane in the 1880’s. One the remaining houses was owned by Anton LeFey before he married Morgan Dutranoit. It is now considered by the folks in town to be a haunted house.

Going south from the Eastern Annex towards the Simwahenee Bayou is an area of town known as Studio Parkway.

It is here you find Plumbob Studios, penthouse apartments, and a number of upscale late night venues.


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