The History of Twin Bayous – Introduction & Town Tour – Part 6

Going north from Town Center on Oak Road is an area of town known as Oak Valley. It a long, narrow strip of apartment buildings and affordable housing sitting between Llamaback hill and Signal hill.

On one end of the valley there is a driving range.

The Stoney family lives in one of the apartment buildings.

Continuing north on Oak Road you will come to where University Street and Palm Boulevard meet. Take a right on University Street and this will lead you in to St. Tammany College.

If you instead go left on Palm Boulevard you enter what is known as the Palms District.

There are a few vacation homes in the Palms district and also a large entertainment center known as the Big Show Venue.

On the far north end of town, overlooking the Gulf of Simexico, is the LeFey Plantation which was built by Morgan LeFey’s grandfather, Henri Dutranoit.

One thought on “THOTB-0.6

  1. I have to admit…I love the name the Gulf of Simexico and that you included Morgan LeFey in your town history. Very interesting and nice detail!


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