The History of Twin Bayous – LeFey Family

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The LeFey family lives in the old Dutranoit Plantation home overlooking the Gulf of Simexico on the far north side of the town of Twin Bayous. It is the second oldest structure in the town and was built back in the 1830’s. It is believed that the old plantation home is haunted by the ghost its original owner, Henri Dutranoit.

The matriarch of the LeFey family is Morgan (Dutranoit) LeFey. She is a witch and her personality traits are brave, workaholic, good, easily impressed, and ambitious. She is the heiress of what is left of the Dutranoit fortune and she owns and operates the fortune telling wagon over in the Eastern Annex.

Morgan’s husband is Anton LeFey. He is a vampire and his traits are loner, adventurous, commitment issues, loves the cold, and equestrian. He works at the theatre as a musician. Anton appears to be a young man, but no one is quite sure how old he really is.

The LeFey’s have four children – two daughters and two sons. The eldest daughter is Raquel LeFey. She is both a witch and a vampire. She is a disciplined virtuoso and she has a photographer’s eye.

Raquel’s sister is Tabitha LeFey. Like her mother, Tabitha is a witch. Her traits are neurotic, never nude, and she is a Diva.

Brother Samuel LeFey is a werewolf. He is brave, mean spirited, and he is a perfectionist.

Quentin LeFey is a Fairy. He is unlucky, a night owl, and he is said to be a major Diva.

In front of the plantation home there is a large garden where Morgan raises grapes and other things that she uses for making potions or as she calls it “her special wine”.

Morgan is sometimes seen around town practicing her magick.

Quentin spends most of his time in the library reading and surfing the internet.

Anton has a special place in the basement under the barn where he can relax after a tough night at the theatre.

Raquel enjoys learning witchcraft from her mother.

Tabitha likes to play outside in her mother’s garden.

While Samuel likes to spend his time pretending to be a general leading a great army into battle.

The LeFey’s are a very tradition-minded family and celebrating Halloween is their favorite tradition. Every year the children carve pumpkins that are proudly displayed on the front porch.

Then they have a party and invite everyone in town, yet only a few people ever show up.

This year (1890 AS) only three people showed up and Tabitha was the only one in the family who was not too embarrassed to entertain the guests.

They spent most of the evening just watching television.

There was one guest whom Tabitha was most happy to entertain. It was an older boy named Chadrick Gentille. Tabitha had a huge crush on Chad and she pestered him most of the night.


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