The History of Twin Bayous – Gentille & Ringwald Families

The Gentille family lived way down on the south side of town in the Eastdale subdivision.

Gregg Gentille owns the spa and bookstore in town. He is a clumsy, bookworm. He is also charismatic, friendly, and lucky

Vicki (Oldham) Gentille is a stay at home mom who works part time at the spa. She is a genius who is handy, inappropriate, neat, and friendly

The Gentille’s have two sons and one daughter – Chadrick Gentille is the oldest. He is a daredevil who is frugal, a schmoozer, and he is a computer whiz. Many of the girls in town have crushes on Chad.

Their second son is Donnie Gentille. He is brave and he loves the outdoors. He is a mooch and he is grumpy.

Donna Gentille is a good little girl. She is also a couch potato and she loves to fish.

Gregg and Vicki were a very happy couple. They may not have been rich like other families in town, but they lived a very comfortable life.

Donna attended military school at Fort Beauregard and she was well liked by the other children in her class.

Donna loved to ride her bike around town.

Down the street from Donna’s home is a place called Kid’s Park where Donna and her friends liked to hang out.

Donna sometimes did her homework with a boy named Ariel Poindexter. He was a sort of a genius/loner kid.

Donna’s best friend was a rich girl named Veronica Ringwald.

The Ringwald family lives on a large sprawling estate in the mansion district.

John Ringwald is a big shot movie director who works for Plumbob Studio. He is a workaholic and a sailor. He is known to be eccentric and he is said to have star quality and to be a natural born performer.

Celia (Dubois) Ringwald is a business woman and she is a workaholic, a perfectionist, a kleptomaniac, and a born saleswoman. Yet deep down inside she is a good person.

The Ringwald’s have four children – two sons and two daughters. The eldest son, Ulysses Ringwald is frugal, a mooch, and he is ambitious

Eldest daughter, Veronica Ringwald is adventurous, clumsy, and she is a light sleeper. Veronica prefers to be called by her nickname “Ronnie”.

Waldo Ringwald is adventurous, brave, and easily impressed

Xena Ringwald is brave, family oriented, and she is artistic

Celia raised exotic pets in a room on the third floor of the mansion.

And the family had a pony that often escaped and could be seen wandering around the town.

When the pony grew up it was mainly Xena who cared for the animal.

The Ringwald’s had a lot of cool stuff in their backyard.

But Ulysses loved to bowl at the local arcade near the school.

And Ronnie liked to hang out at Varg’s Tavern and play video games with the cool kids.

Her best friend forever was a mean girl named Tracie Viernes.

3 thoughts on “THOTB-1.2

  1. Love the families! I have to ask…am I getting references to Molly Ringwald and Archie comics? I had to ask! Anyway, love it all! 🙂

    • Glad that you are enjoying it. The answer is: “you are partly correct”. Most of the family names were plucked randomly from a family tree. Ringwald happens to be my ggg-grandmother’s maiden name and I do happen to be distantly related to Mollie Ringwald, but that is all coincidental. Originally all the children’s first names were in alphabetical order; hence Ulysses, Veronica, Waldo, Xena, etc. But yes, giving Veronica Ringwald the nickname “Ronnie” is a conscience reference to Veronica Lodge, the richest girl in Riverdale. 🙂

      • Hehehehehe! I love Archie comics! I have a small collection and I’m always buying new ones. Addictions…what can you do?!? Well, I’ll keep reading your blog and see just where things are going!


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