The History of Twin Bayous – Viernes & Poindexter Families

The Viernes family may not have been wealthy, but they were the most powerful family in town. The lived in the center of town in the Old Creole Townhouse across the street from Central Park. From their vantage point they knew everything about everything that was going on in town.

Jose Viernes is the town sheriff and he is brave, a daredevil, handy, athletic, and friendly.

Victoria (Lincoln) Viernes is a workaholic and a party animal. She is also handy and charismatic. She is the mayor of Twin Bayous.

Their son Juan Viernes has a good sense of humor. He is also a daredevil and is friendly.

Tracie Viernes is evil, ambitious, and she is lucky. She is the original “mean girl”.

Her sister Sue Viernes can’t stand art and she is frugal and lucky.

Aric Viernes is excitable, moody, and he is snob.

The Viernes were all about business. The dining set downstairs looked like something one might find in a boardroom.

Tracie Viernes had a blog on the internet in which she gossiped about other kids in town.

As many friends the Viernes’ had in the town, they had an equal number of enemies.

And their enemies were just as powerful as they were.

The Viernes might not have gotten on well with the Le Fey family, but they were good friends with the Poindexter family.

The Poindexter’s lived in the Lighthouse district near the lighthouse.

Arnold Poindexter, a scientist, ran the town’s science lab. He has no sense of humor and can’t stand art. He is clumsy, has a green thumb, and he is computer whiz. The joke around town is that he might be an alien.

Dr. Penny (Casey) Poindexter works at Sisters of Sisters Hospital. She is a shy bookworm. She is a genius. Plus she is artistic and ambitious.

Dewayne Poindexter is clumsy. He is an angler and a computer whiz.

Ariel Poindexter is a loner. Plus he is a genius and he is athletic.

Angelica Poindexter is brave and athletic. She is also a light sleeper.

Tonia Poindexter is a couch potato. She is excitable and she is clumsy.

For the most part the Poindexter’s appeared to be a normal family with a slight hint of quirkiness.

Arnold was sometimes seen driving around town in a strange looking, futuristic looking car.

What was not seen by the townsfolks were the strange visitors who frequented the Poindexter home.


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