The History of Twin Bayous – Stoney & Goombah Families

The Stoney family lives in a large apartment complex on Oak road. They are the only family living in the entire building.

Knut Stoney is a professional athlete who works at the stadium. He is an absent minded slob who loves the outdoors. He is easily impressed and he is athletic.

Peggy Sue (Lynne) Stoney is a well-known country and western performer. She is brave. She has star quality and she is a virtuoso. She is also artistic and she is a natural born performer.

Their eldest son Dominick is a party animal. He is also good and friendly.

Teddy has a good sense of humor. He is neat and an angler.

Kathryn has a good sense of humor. She is also a workaholic and slob.

Mendy Stoney has a good sense of humor. She is also family oriented and she is evil.

Peggy Sue loves to ride her bike along the bay.

Knut spends most of his time at the stadium either playing in a game or getting ready for the next game.

The Stoney children all attend the military academy at Fort Beauregard.

The Goombah family lives over on Tobacco Road in a sprawling trailer park.

Victor Goombah works in the import/export business. He is a no sense of humor, slob. He is excitable, ambitious, and he is mean spirited.

Maria (Vito) Goombah works at the business center. She is a natural cook. She is excitable, a schmoozer, a mooch, and a diva.

Anthony Goombah has a photographer’s eye. He is excitable and ambitious.

Bubbles Goombah is a light sleeper, easily impressed, and she is ambitious.

Yada-Yada Goombah is disciplined and lucky, but he is also a mooch.

Zelda Goombah is a workaholic, over-emotional, angler.

Victor Goombah claims to be in the import/export business, but he usually seen hanging out in the various bars around town making book on sporting events. Here he is seen at the Dew Drop Inn around the corner from where the Goombah family lives.

Here is Victor hanging out at the Zebra Disco in the Warehouse district.

And here is Victor at the local watering hole over on Studio Parkway.

Maria Goombah does not appreciate all the hard work that her husband does.

One evening Victor reminded Maria that she is never supposed ask him about his work. She smacked him so hard up side his head, that he saw stars for the rest of the night.


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