The History of Twin Bayous – Clemens Family

The Clemens family live in the Farming district on a large farm known as the Clemens Valley Farm.

Mark Clemens is a professional writer. He is a couch potato, bookworm, and hopeless romantic. Yet he is also rebellious and artistic.

Julia (Kidd) Clemens is a professional chef. She is a perfectionist. She is a neat, natural cook. She is very proper and she is a schmoozer.

Their daughter Colleen is a rebellious, mooch, and a heavy sleeper.

Tam Clemens is a couch potato. He is also an excitable, daredevil.

Jack Clemens is a clumsy, coward, and he is an angler.

Janny Clemens is a rebellious, mooch and she is ambitious.

Mark spends a lot of his time watching television and thinking about his next novel.

Julia is very grateful of her husband’s success as a writer and because of the luxury it affords her it allows her to maintain her proper standing in society.

She does work hard as chef at her restaurant and she hopes someday to have her own cooking show on the Food Network.

Jack loves fishing so much that he even goes out to fish in the dark and when it is raining.

All of the children attend the Arts school at the movie house in town.

The entire family is very proud of their farm.

Although he is a couch potato, Mark does spend some of his time working on the farm.

One thought on “THOTB-1.5

  1. I like their farm! And they’re an interesting family…*nods*…especially Julia. She’s actually really pretty…in a very cutesy kind of way. lol Great post!


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